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It is not strange to hear an adult liking manga. Manga is comic that comes from Japan. It hooks many readers around the globe because of unusual premise, intricate plots, and great character developments. In the past, traditional print is the only way to read a manga. That means reader must wait until a comic book was printed and distributed at bookstores before being able to enjoy it. Luckily, now you are able to read manga online.

Where Can You Read Manga Online?

Reading your favorite manga on the internet is definitely more practical than having to carry the book around. It can be done anywhere and anytime through various internet-supporting media. In addition to that, some platforms offer wide range of manga titles that reader can enjoy. Below is the list of websites and applications that allow online reading of reader’s favorite comic.

A site that enables reader to read manga online for free is Mangatensei. The website is very popular among manga lovers because it has a large database. Reader has variety of comic genres and titles to read. It has more than 100,000 chapters that are freely provided. There are several categories used to group the comics. Among them are the latest releases and completed comic categories.

It is a great site for new readers because Mangatensei offers many suggestions based on genres. The suggestions come from one’s search history in the website. Most likely, the website will be recommending comics that have huge number of readers. Usually, stories that receive big traffic will be enjoyed by most people.

Many people visit this website for its giant database. If you are looking for a certain manga title online, chances are, you will find it in MangaSilo. A great thing about this website is its user-friendly interface. Everything is arranged neatly into several available categories, such as for newest releases and completed stories. The appearance of its website is quite catchy and clear.

Fans of manga and anime are suggested to join the free membership of this website. It regularly posts the latest events that can be joined by these fans, such as cosplay parties and comic festivals. Joining the membership of this website is recommended since you will have more opportunities to manage your account better.

AtoZManga allows reader to read free manga online on mobile. It comes in the form of software that can be downloaded by smartphone user into their phone. There is also a website version for reader who wants to read manga through browser. The database of this program is really huge, so there will be many varieties to be found in it.

The great thing about this software is that it can be downloaded for free from application market. Readers are allowed to download certain manga titles to their phones so they can be read when there is no internet connection.  The interface of this app is also quite forgiving. Reading through application is more convenient since there is no need to adjust screen size.

This platform does offer online manga reading experience for free. Readers do not need to pay monthly subscription fee to be able to read comics in its repository. The repository does not only contain manga. You can find television shows and anime as well. Because it is a free service, you can expect to see more up to date list of series that has just been released not too long ago.

Are you interested in Kono-Basho’s service but a little bit reserved about paying? This website offers free experience to read all your favorite mangas. They are allowed to enjoy service given to paying members to test out the features. Although you are not able to read free manga online on mobile, its subscription fee is affordable. The features are also admirable.

  • Comixology

You cannot read free manga online on mobile using Comixology. It is another paid-subscription website. The database is quite large. There are more than 70,000 titles that can be found in this website. A small percentage of those titles can be enjoyed for free by registered members. The site also offers free trial period that runs for 30 days for those who want to try out its services.

A great thing about this manga reading platform is that it can be accessed through multiple media. You can easily enjoy reading comic using a Comixology app installed in smartphone or through browser on a personal desktop. The wide range of options makes it convenient.

  • AnimeNova

This is another website that enables Japanese animation and comic fans to enjoy their beloved contents for free. The platform regularly updates its contents so reader will have new manga to read every single time. The database is relatively big for a platform that provides free service to readers. Like the name suggests, this site does not only offer manga. It also has anime database to attract users.

The appearance of this website is perhaps not too clean. However, the contents are categorized in several groups including the newest releases and genre. It enables people to scroll through its large database with the purpose of only looking for what they need.

  • Manga-Inn

Do not be fooled by its simplistic appearance. This website is really functional. It is highly organized. The searching feature is also quite sophisticated. Reader is able to specify the kind of manga that they want to read based on the genre and completion status. It is also possible for reader to look for specific artist name to read their listed comics.

This site does not only allow reader to read manga online from Japan. There are also comics that come from other countries, such as China and Korea. In order to be able to post comment on the manga page, you must create an account in this website.

The choice of using paid or free platform is in your hands. Paid service offers fast updated contents and no ads. However, some people still prefer to read manga online for free because of obvious reasons.

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